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Welcome to Cannex Immigration Specialists, a professional Canadian immigration services firm established in 1991 and operating as Cannex Immigration Specialists since 2004. We understand all your immigration needs.

We work with professionals (Certifed Canadian Immigration Consultants, lawyers, accountants, bankers, real estate brokers and education providers to achieve your immigration and business objectives. Our head office is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we have Immigration Service Representatives and Associates in various countries.

All clients are represented by duly authorized representatives as is required by Canadian law. (s13.1, Part 2, Division 4 and Part 1, Division 1, Interpretation of "Authorized Representative" in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations)

Our primary authorized representatives are Ms. Julia Brodyansky (CSIC Member) and Mr. Gerd Damitz (CSIC Member) working in association with Cannex.

Please review our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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